Direction of Use: Inward Application

Inward Application

Bilious complaints

(Gall-stones) During two periods of three weeks, with an interval of one week, take 15 drops or 3 capsules of Haarlem Oil daily; there-after during two months, take 15 drops or 3 capsules of Haarlem Oil once every second day. Stop the cure after this period and restart in a few months.


10 drops or 2 capsules once a day, during two periods of ten days, with an interval of one week.

Intestinal trouble

With swelling, rumbling in the intestines, bad breath, headaches, nausea, constipation: 10 drops or 2 capsules of Haarlem Oil during ten consecutive days. Start treatment again if necessary.

Rheumatism, gout, cramp

Once a day, 15 drops or 3 capsules during ten consecutive days. Another relief is obtained by applying Haarlem Oil ointment locally on the aching parts.

Kidney stones

20 drops or 4 capsules daily during three periods of fifteen days, with one week interval in between. Thereafter 10 drops or 2 capsules once every two day during two consecutive months. For these troubles it is advisable, especially during the first three periods of the treatment, to drink lots of water, milk or barley-water (at least two liters/4 pints in 24 hours).


The urinal ducts with fever, inflammation of the bladder: from 15 to 30 drops, or from 3 to 6 capsules daily, during five or six consecutive days.


In the evening, 15 to 30 drops or 3 to 6 capsules of Haarlem Oil during two days consecutively. After a day of rest, the same dose every second day, if necessary.

Nettle-Rash, Hay Fever

2 capsules or 10 drops during eight consecutive days, together with a diet that does not irritate the liver.

Maggots (round-worms, seat-worms, tread worms)

Every other day, 15 drops or 3 capsules of Haarlem Oil during 10 days. If one is not completely cured, the treatment should be repeated. It is advisable to apply at the same time Haarlem Oil suppositories or Haarlem Oil ointment. Every night, before bed, insert one suppository or apply a small quantity of ointment.

Haarlem oil suppositories and ointment

As our clients complained that it was rather difficult to use Haarlem Oil, whilst suffering from hemorrhoids, we have decided to manufacture our beneficial oil also as suppositories. We have succeeded in composing Haarlem Oil ointment, which gives surprisingly good results, for example, in case of hemorrhoids. During three days in the morning and in the evening one suppository should be inserted or a small quantity of ointment should be applied. Until complete recovery, this treatment should be repeated only in the evening, with one suppository or applying some of our ointment.


The capsules can be taken with some water or with any other liquid. The drops should be taken with some beverage; the best method is counting the drops in a coffee-spoon with crystallized or powdered sugar, followed by half a glass of water. Do not use a silver spoon. If you have any concerns about taking or using Haarlem Oil, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

All the above-mentioned treatments may be resumed after an interval of one week, even if not stated.



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