Direction of Use: Outward Application

For Outward Application

Furuncles (boils)

Boils are bacterial or fungal infections of hair follicles that can appear on any part of your body not on special areas. To fight this you can apply a piece of gauze impregnated with Haarlem Oil, on the boil cover with some non absorbent cotton wool, which should be kept in place by a bandage / band-aid.

Minor burns, various wounds, insects-bits

They are very common accidents, but you have to react very fast. This is why you have to put a compress on the infected part, impregnated with Haarlem Oil. This should be renewed every day.

Chilblains hands or feet, chaps

They are caused by an abnormal skin reaction to cold and it appears generally on the feet. Chilblains are a very common skin problem. The solution is to take warm baths three times a day, followed by a light massage with Haarlem Oil.

Haarlem oil ointment

Besides Haarlem Oil preparations, Haarlem Oil ointment has now been manufactured. It is advisable to use this ointment in the three preceding cases.


Tooth ache is in general due to a gum recession, a loose filling, possibly to a toothbrush abrasion. To fight this problem you can take a little piece of cotton-wool, impregnated with Haarlem Oil, and apply in the whole of the tooth once a day.

Loss of Hair

With a comb make one or more partings every day and rub gently with some drops of Haarlem Oil. Shampoo the hair once a week with warm water. As the loss of the hair often coincides with a bad functioning of the liver, it is recommend to take in Haarlem Oil, in drops or in capsules, besides the outward application, as indicated in above paragraph on intestinal trouble.

Reproduction of a 1955 liflet wich obtained an ad visa N° 413-- p-20.903 :

Direction for Use Haarlem Oil Leaflet


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