Direction of Use: Outward Application

For Outward Application

Apply On the dermatological sphere because sulfur is irreplaceable in seborrheic states a small piece of hydrophilic gauze impregnated with Haarlem Oil. Cover with carded cotton and held in place by a band.

You can also, if possible, apply over the compress impregnated with Haarlem Oil a hot poultice of linseed flour which will further increase the ripening action. Apply to the diseased region, a small compress impregnated with Haarlem Oil, which will be changed every day. Frostbite, Feet and hand cracks: Hot baths three times a day, followed by light rubbing with our Haarlem Oil. Hot baths three times a day, followed by a light massage with Haarlem oil.

Besides the preparation of Haarlem Oil in liquid solution, there is also an ointment produced from Haarlem Oil. It is advisable to use this ointment in the following two cases:

To access this ointment you should go to your pharmacist with a bottle of 10 ML and ask him to mix. Unfortunately today it is not available from our laboratory.

Toothache: Put a small piece of cotton wool, impregnated with Haarlem Oil, in the tooth hole.

Hair loss: Using a comb, make one or more applications every day and rub gently with a few drops of Haarlem oil. Shampoo it once a week with hot water. As hair loss often coincides with liver dysfunction, it is recommended that Haarlem oil be taken in drops or capsules, in addition to application to the hair.

Note: Haarlem oil for external use is sticky and fragrant, for those who cannot stand it, it is preferable to use it internally (capsules) and to choose black cumin oil externally. This combination is frequently recommended by our professional users.

NB: The capsules can be taken with water or any other liquid. Drops should be taken with drinks, the best method is to put the drops in half a glass of water.

The indications given in this leaflet should not make us forget that it is always preferable to seek the advice of a doctor before starting a treatment.

 Reproduction of a 1955 liflet wich obtained an ad visa N° 413-- p-20.903 :

Direction for Use Haarlem Oil Leaflet


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