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Since the 19th century, numerous studies have proven the importance of sulfur in our body
It is therefore left to put forward in an irrefutable way, that the new properties acquired by the sulfur in the combination, could confirm that Haarlem Oil is an essential source of bioavailable sulfur in the alimentation.
The studies show the exceptional bioavailability of sulfur contained in Haarlem Oil and another study shows the SOD action (superoxide oxydismutase).
The penetration of the secret by this particular molecular structure is left to the knowledge of science. It is up to this generation and the next generation to continue the research and not for the get that the alchemists are still working on this elixir. Our knowledge increases; we have the everyday knowledge of biochemistry on the central role of sulfur; but remember that Genuine Haarlem Oil will never change: it is a precious heritage.

Since the 18th century, if it was possible to throw away the bases of modern chemistry and if during the 19th century, organic chemistry was already installed, we had to wait until the end of the 20th century for modern biochemistry to sufficiently mature in order to describe the deep mechanisms of the living.
Evidence has also shown the importance of nutrition and the hygiene of life in maintaining health. Our knowledge allows us to understand that the role of science in the health sector cannot simply be reduced to discovering remedies, to cure illnesses, but also to give the necessary information to stay in good health, even delay aging and protection against the aggressiveness of the environment. Often, illnesses take place long before we look after our health. Today, if needed and wanted, everyone can improve or conserve their fundamental health.

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