200mL Bottles for Horses Haarlem Oil made in Laboratory in Europe

 Haarlem Oil for Horses

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200ml of 20 doses

200ml of 20 doses

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200ml of 20 doses

200ml of 20 doses

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200ml of 20 doses

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200ml Haarlem Oil, for the Health and Wellbeing of your Horses made in Europe

The horse body like the human being’s has its own self defense against diseases and Genuine Haarlem Oil stimulate hormonal secretions, ante hypophysis glands, and adrenal cortex which increase that precious self-defense.

Direction of Uses: 10 ml doses of Genuine Haarlem Oil over eight consecutive days, then 10ml every second day for the following two weeks, after ten days pause, repeat if necessary. Although, Genuine Haarlem Oil has a particular characteristic smell, experiments and our experience using Genuine Haarlem Oil has proven that horses love the flavor of this product and will even search it out in their food. The dosage may be administered in the food or orally.

Help to improve: Bronchitis and pulmonary disorders, Arthritis and rheumatisms, Toxin elimination, Muscular troubles...


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