Scientific Documentation and Medical Tests

  • Conclusion of Dr. Kiener about Haarlem Oil

    The sacred plant of Gabon, Iboga, became the first in worldwide scientific news, following the work of an American group. It has been known since the last century. During the thirties, it existed in France as a special pharmaceutical method. However, it disappeared like any other ancient specialties. Many of the new pharmaceutical molecules were originated from the traditional knowledge and owe their new popularity to the simple fact that a scientific group have had access to this ancient knowledge and that the methods of modern pharmacology permits the isolation of certain active principals. A sort of transfer is actually assisted from a primitive society to a scientific society and the molecule that is recaptured acquires a famous notoriety...Read more

  • Clinical Report of Dr. B. Leroux in the Treatment of Cases of Chronic Bronchitis
    • Justification of the Therapeutical Trial
    • Clinical Documentations
    • Commentaries and Conclusions of Dr. B. Leroux
  • Sulfur Chemotherapy (June 1938)

    The author commences by a chapter of chemical physio-patbologic of sulfur where he clarifies the following conclusions, in which concern the general indication of sulfur chemotherapy. The first chemotherapy has to be diet; the diet has to assure a sufficient quantity of active assimilated sulfur. Sulfur is utilised in all nutritional disorders, especially when there is an attack on the organs...Read more

  • Stimulating Pituitary-Adrenal Torque by Oral Administration of a Terpene Sulfur

    J. LEFEVRE and R. Du Boistesselin, Therapeutic Corporation and Pharmacodynamics. Communication of 17-6-59 (Therapy, 1959, XIV, 1044-1052). In a previous study (Therapy, 1958, 27/537 XIII), the authors have demonstrated histologically on guinea pigs and bio clinically on hospital patients, the significant functional stimulation that sulfured terpene exerts on the adrenal cortex, stimulating characterized...Sulfured terpene (+) is not a primary cortical action, but by stimulating the secretion of corticotrophin antehypophyseal (A.C.T.H.). Sulfured terpene seems to take any action on the thyroid, gonads, pancreas, adrenal medulla, and tolerance appears excellent...Read more


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