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Huile de Haarlem Santé Magazine 1998

Haarlem Oil : Testimonies

You ask a witness about Haarlem Oil (see Belle Health Nº28 page 49) : first, it is very accessible to all for cheap. My father had shingles. A doctor pierced his buttons (around the chest) and applied it this oil that has dried and disinfected buttons: a great oil. We spent it for a few days.
Martine M. de Charvieu
In case of shingles, TEGAROME also gives very good results. As to Haarlem Oil, I had access to it a few weeks ago to a study at the University Hospital of Reims to assess its effect on chronic bronchitis in children. The results are particularly compelling (70% very good results and 25% of average results) . The doses used were 10 mg / kg / day for 8 to 10 days per month. Sometimes, healing was achieved within afew days

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